‘AIDOS’ has two meanings that complement each other well. The first meaning refers to our mission statement, viz. to develop Artificial Intelligence for Discovering Obscured Shapes. The second meaning originates from the Greek word ‘αἰδώς,’ which means ‘awe,’ ‘reverence,’ or ‘humility.’ This awe or humility should serve as one of our guiding principles when we work on challenging problems in healthcare research, aiming to improve our world using machine learning.

How to find us

We are located at the Neuherberg Campus of Helmholtz Munich. Here is a map of the campus (click for larger version):

Map of how to find the lab

A map of the campus. We are located in the highlighted building, i.e. building 58a. The campus is best reached by taking metro U2 from Munich main station until Am Hart, then switching to bus 294 until Helmholtz-Zentrum.